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Love is the key.

The key is to love.

Welcome to a great world wide project which is designed to encourage people to create and spread more of the good stuff…love.

We need more love in this universe. We need it now. It’s something that isn’t easy to focus on in a fast paced high tech world of 24/7 news, social interaction through the web and more.

Yet we know deep down that love is why we are here and love is what counts.

This website has many many elements you may find useful. There are tips on how to spread love. Tips on creating love and more positive energy. Hands on information on how to slow your life down and tune into the energy of love. And the whole thing is powered by the spirit of love that burns bright in us all.

Many big names are kindly supporting. A top expert who has regularly appeared on Oprah. One of the actors from one of the world’s biggest movies ever – Titanic. We thank these people for their generosity of spirit.

More than anything this website is here to inspire you and give you ideas that you can put to use. Kindness changes things in front of you and around you. Love can and does move mountains.

This is a not for profit initiative.

Among the famous names behind this project is marathon swimmer Tammy van Wisse, Hey Hey It’s Saturday star John Blackman, comedian Mark Mitchell, 60 Minutes star Tara Brown, Olympic Gold Medallist Duncan Armstrong, Ironman star Guy Leech and more.

The project also has the kind support of James Cameron’s “Titanic” actor Richard Ashton, Professor Robert Cummins who has held a Personal Chair in Psychology at Australia’s Deakin University since 1997, one of Australia’s top writers, teachers and publishers Maggie Hamilton and the amazing Steven Stosny who is the founder of Compassion Power and has appeared on “The Oprah Winfrey Show”, “The Today Show”, in the New York Times, “USA Today” and more.

Use what you want and take what works for you. There are tips on many aspects of love including the power of positivity, the power of hugging and much more. There’s great wisdom from parents with parenting tips. The information is aimed at inspiring you.

And it’s all about encouraging people to support an astonishing charity called WellWishers. WellWishers started in a humble way and they have now built over 300 wells in Ethiopia. Sadly right now many Ethiopian people cannot access clean water. By supporting WellWishers you can make a real difference and save a life. Saving a life is easy.

Each well helps at least 1,700 people access clean water. They are showing just how powerful compassion and love can be…and you can help.

Perhaps your friends can help - or a club or a school. Adopt WellWishers Ethiopia as a cause you can help and do something for. Everything you do to help them will make a very real difference.

Get behind WellWishers. You can see more about their work at www.wellwishersethiopia.com.

Right now up to 1 in 5 Ethiopian children die before they are just 5 years old because of dirty and diseased water.  Many Ethiopians die by their early 40s because of huge problems with clean water.  Half of the Ethiopians in rural areas have no access to clean water.

This website is about many layers of action. Choose positive action and positive energy. Choose love. Choose to act to help others and watch the huge changes in your world and in the world of others.

Latest research shows acts of kindness increase the levels of serotonin in your body. This is a hormone manufactured by your brain and is a neurotransmitter. It’s used on the transmission of nerve impulses. When released other nerves fire. Put simply serotonin is a chemical that helps maintain a “happy” feeling. A single act of kindness will increase the level of serotonin in the person receiving the act of kindness and the person giving.

Surrender to the true power of love. Love can move mountains.



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