Eric’s Way


Eric Warrington has now passed on and during Eric’s life he inspired many many people to look for a more positive way of living life.

Eric was a school teacher and also a spiritual teacher. He believed that the most powerful force in the universe is love and that ultimately we are all here to love.

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Trust is what allows us to have meaningful relationships with other people.

Here you will find a number of articles that might be useful in building your understanding of trust.

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How to build trust


Here is more information with plenty of practical tips on trust. This covers everything from the steps to take to build trust to nurturing trust in relationships.

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All of us feel frustration and anger sometimes. Forgiving can be very difficult to do. The reality is that forgiving is good for you. Forgiveness always helps. It’s all about letting go and accepting there are some situations in life you simply can’t change.

But you can change the way you look at the issue.

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Show you care


Celebrate the power of human kindness…it’s exactly what makes us human.

Random acts of kindness are very powerful. Sometimes in our busy world we may forget that kindness is a very important part of life – and giving to others can literally make a world of difference.

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Power of Kindness

practice random kindness

Performing simple acts of kindness and compassion will make your life more enjoyable, satisfying and complete.
If you want to live a truly great life, then perform sincere acts of kindness without expecting anything in return.
Trust me, the benefits will come.

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Offer Love – Here’s The Proof


Put simply there is a massive amount of evidence to show kindness counts, kindness works and kindness benefits you in many ways.

A range of important studies proving the benefits of kindness are below for you to have a look at including the links in case you want to explore further.

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Spread Love


Tell people that you love them
Give them a hug or a kiss
Always praise people for their presence in your life
Tell people around you that you care about them and their problems as well as their joys
Look into their eyes and listen to their voice.

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Ways to Help Radiate Your Love


Radiate your love – everywhere
Don’t give up on the people you love
Listen to the person you are conversing with and pay attention to them
Support someone in need
Repair a broken relationship…you might be pleasantly surprised

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Practical Things You Can Do


Spread kindness when ever you can. Any act of kindness makes a difference. Kindness is contagious…and kindness breeds kindness.
- Collect goods for a food bank to help people less fortunate.
- Bring flowers to work and share them with people you work with.

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