Eric’s Way


Eric Warrington has now passed on and during Eric’s life he inspired many many people to look for a more positive way of living life.

Eric was a school teacher and also a spiritual teacher. He believed that the most powerful force in the universe is love and that ultimately we are all here to love.

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Love Is In All Of Us


We have been kept in the dark for millennia and made to believe we were separate from each other and separate from the Source. That program has created domination, fear and violence.

It is now time to remember that we are all one and all parts of the Source.

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Love at Home


We all know that we love to feel loved, in fact we need it for our wellbeing. Did you know that it’s important to love where you live as well?

I’m a Dowser. You may know us as Water Diviners. Most of us don’t use a forked willow branch any more, but wire “L” rods or pendulums to find things. The rods and pendulums are tools to show us an answer that our body or our intuition already knows.

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Spirit of Love


Love comes in many shapes and forms. We start as a spirit who is loved unconditionally. Then we choose our parents who love us in a different way – parental love.

This comes in many forms and we come to learn about love from them. We learn about giving love, accepting love and many lessons in between from the parents we choose.

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Love Makes Us Truly Happy


“Love is important because it is the most fundamental human emotion.” Richard Curtain, 62

“Love is important because love is everything.” James Cummings, 22

“Love is important because it’s the universal connector” Leigh Radford, 48

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Simple Ways To Express Love


There are people in our lives that we love dearly, but very often we are having trouble of expressing such love. In our efforts to enhance their well-being we go to great lengths in exploring ways that would make them feel loved.

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