Action Tips on Love


Be kind to others. Be kind to yourself. Spread love. Spread kindness. There are lots of tips below and there will be some that are just right for you.

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Ways to praise a child


Children (and adults) want your love. Positive messages always help. The reality of life is we don’t praise people enough. It’s so easy to do. Here are some phrases you could use to praise people around you.

Although they are aimed at children, they can be used on big kids aged 20 plus … and you will see how they can brighten someone’s day.

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Practical Tips For Parents


What works for one parent may not work for another.

In this fast paced world it isn’t always easy to focus on what really counts.

What really counts is that you are important in the life of a child.

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65 Ideas to Simplify Your Life


Leo Babauta is an amazing author and he has remarkable ideas on how you can make life better, simpler and happier.

To read his material – and it’s worth every moment of your time.

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Zen Habits


What do you do if you can’t let go of something you own?
How do you deal with the “just in case” syndrome, or the “it has meaning” syndrome?
There’s no easy answer for letting go of the emotional attachments we put into our objects, nor for letting go of the fear of what we might need in the future. But for me, the answer has been to change how I look at ownership.

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Tips For Teenagers


How do you improve your life and find happiness when you’re a teen-ager, and can’t control much of your life?

You change what you can control, and let go of trying to control everything else.

Several teen-agers have written to me recently, asking for a post on how to improve their lives when they’re still under their parents’ control.

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Words To Inspire


Because you can. We all can. And inspiring others is such a wonderful thing.

The idea of love is not enough. It has to be implemented. Please help implement it. Do this when you can and spread the energy of love to others.

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Wisdom On Love


The pure beauty of wisdom is that the wisest words you hear from others are often full of great simplicity.

Here are some wonderful phrases from grandmothers who are 60 plus with fantastic advice for life.

Every one of these phrases is worth a moment of your time – and some may hit home for you harder than others.

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