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It’s this simple. You can decide today to start helping WellWishers – many people have done just that. This organisation does utterly astounding work and helps people to have access to clean water. Something many of us take for granted.

The fantastic thing is this. Any help you give WellWishers takes them nearer to their goal of building another well in Ethiopia.

Why not find out more about this great cause today and then consider how you might raise funds. Just go to: http://www.wellwishersethiopia.com

About 85 million people live in Ethiopia. The country is no bigger than South Australia. Many people there live off less than a dollar a day and a huge number of people in Ethiopia cannot access clean water.

Background about WellWishers

WellWishers is the name of a group of individual Australians who have been donating money to continue a programme of providing Hand-Dug Water Wells in the northern province of Tigray, Ethiopia. This programme was begun by Community Aid Abroad in 1986 and continued by Oxfam Australia (the successor of CAA).

Oxfam Australia’s work in the Horn of Africa was discontinued in 2005. A few individual supporters of the Hand-Dug Wells programme decided that it was too important to let it lapse. Since 2002, they have already raised funds to build over 300 wells, which forever changes the lives of over 100,000 people.

Individual donors provide varying amounts with all donations being pooled. To facilitate Tax Deductibility, WellWishers pass all donations through Christian World Service which is a registered Australian overseas relief and development agency. (There are no pastoral activities related to the WellWishers programme).

WellWishers work with REST (Relief Society of Tigray), an Ethiopian NGO (Non-Government Organisation). REST has been involved in full-time assistance to the people of Tigray since 1978. They have been building wells in Tigray for over 20 years.

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